How Can Low-Income Families Send Their Children To A College Prep School?

25 November 2019
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College prep schools, with their strong focus on independent learning, high student expectations, and helping students form rigorous study habits, are a great choice for any student that plans to go to college. Most low-income families, however, don't consider them — they feel that private schools are out of their reach. Thankfully, the existence of financial aid packages, including grants and loans, offered by college prep schools makes it entirely possible for students from low-income families to attend them. Read More 

Delve Into The World Of Spiritual And Natural Healing

24 August 2018
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Essential oils are liquids that contain aromatic plant components. Oils can be used to acquire a sense of well-being or to naturally treat an ailment. If you want to delve into the world of spiritual and natural healing, an online essential oils membership will provide you with the opportunity to purchase the oils that interest you and keep your personal inventory stocked. You will also be made aware of new varieties and various ways to benefit from them. Read More 

Helpful Things To Know About Getting A Psychic Reading

19 January 2016
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Have you ever wondered what a psychic might say about your life if you were to get a reading? Being able to speak with someone who has a strong spiritual connection can be an experience that you will never forget, as it might help you find the right path in life. Find out in this article what you should know about psychic services so you will know what to expect. Read More 

The Deeper Spirituality Of Gravestone Markers

15 July 2015
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The tradition of marking the grave of a loved one in order to show respect for the dead and provide a place for the living to visit and remember reaches back centuries. In fact, hundreds of years ago in North America some Indian tribes built large mounds out of earth, rock or timber that served as monuments to the dead. Grave markers have changed significantly since then, however the long tradition has served to create a world of symbolism. Read More 

Tithing And Charity: Learning About The Many Subcategories Of Non-Profit Organizations For Children You Can Donate To

20 April 2015
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As a religious or spiritual person, you may feel compelled to give your time, money and/or resources to a good cause. However, there are dozens of non-profit organizations for children, making it very difficult to choose what you should support. You may consider turning to God in prayer for help deciding where to donate your time, resources, and/or money. As you wait on His answer, here are the subcategories that formulate the many children's charities, which should help you become more familiar with them. Read More